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A boy and the Storm
A boy wanders through the woods
Trying to find shelter from the storm bearing down overhead
Stumbles along the cold wet ground
Stepping on dead leaves while sticks are all around
Weeping Is truly lost hoping to be found
Quickly He falls unable to see the ground
Down a hill he goes Spinning and turning
Hitting everything on the way down
Once the fall finally stops he's adrift in a muddy field
Tall grass all around blown around from the wind and rain
As hail starts to come down
Quickly he runs only to find a limp
Hes broken his ankle from the tumble down
More Bitter and pained than he had started the trip
Grudgingly he stumbles on finding a well worn path formed through the ground
Blindly following it he finds shelter beyond
A massive wolf growls from beyond
A massive wolf with red eyes
Keen intelligence hidden from inside
A shelter made of sticks and grass
Cleary A shelter manmade
Unable to go further the boy stumbles and falls to the ground.
Peppered from hail rain and slowly starting
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RP rep sheet
Name: Talon
Background: Talon grew up in 3 different environments his parents lived in a suburban area working paying the bills etc. His aunt and uncle lived and worked on a farm. His grandparents lived on a resort like hotel In the woods. It had Appartment log cabins on the grounds an they used it as a hotel for vacationers. When he came of age to start learning about the wolf side of his life. He would always go to the farm or the cabins in the woods to do it. It was never really safe to do it in Suburbia. It always took more while in the cabin in the woods though. His grandparents were part of a pack at the time of his shifting sessions. Where he would learn how to live on his own how to cope with shifting and the wolf's dominant nature. The pack had a normal structure alpha's A mated pair and down to Omegas. The pack also had Natural healers, those that could create remedies from things found in nature to most all ailments; Shamans those that consulted with the spirits, that could
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RP KingdomOO
RP Submission
Participants :iconRobertjolley: :iconmoon-shadow-of-night:
* moon-shadow-of-nightZena stood near one of the many secret entrances to the tunnels that ran bellow the city, her blood red hair covered by a black hood as she twisted a sharp dagger between her fingers. She had been stationed her just in case someone had happened upon the knowledge of this entrance and sought it out as a way to enter and disturb the dark magic that filled the deepest of the tunnels that the salieri supporters called home at that moment. She had not been told much but by the increased flow of magic she knew that the ritual had begun. She longed to be there to welcome her king back into the realm of the living > Robertjolley
* RobertjolleyQuietly. Moving between the crowds Tolon slipped into an alley walking quietly. He stopped short blending in with a group near a wall looking to be caught up in there conversation. He wasn't in guild attire he looked like a regular civi
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Participants   :iconRobertJolley:  :iconKlopenp: :iconlonelydrake:
As he hit the sheild instead of the armor, he tilted to the side, slightly loosing his balance as the energy that the power from his sword should have given the armor instead got sendt right back at him. "gah..." he regained his balance and readied himself for another attack when he suddenly heard the voice from behind him. he looked back and recognised the stranger as the man that had passed by him earlier. just as the knight where to slash its sword at him, he side stepped by using his sword as a sort of anchor. he paused just few meters away and watched the tailed stranger render the armored knight useless and incapable of moving. on cue he tightened his grip around the handle and leaped towards the rusted knight and first slashed once over its waist and then used the momentum to swing it behind his back and over his head to finnish him off with a slash throu his head and down. > lonelydrake
Losing its bala
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Creation myth
Creation myth
Created for an English project but liked so much thought i'd upload it.
When all things began it was a desolate wasteland. Mother Nature supplied all the plant life and water she had many sons and daughters, many of which created all the animals that inhabit the world. All her children had a hand in creating humanity.  Over time one of her sons grew attached to one group more than humanity. Wolves, he created them and for a millennia he live among humans with the rest of his brothers and sisters.  He visited them one day and the elders the oldest among the wolves at the time recognized him for who he was. He and his brothers and sisters did not age. They remained in their teens for all ages. He took care of them when they were first getting started. So they treated him as though one of their own. He was amazed at how they became so much more over the years.
Over time he grew to spend more and more time among them leaving the human settlements and villages. Over
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prepped an primed
“Well how to start my tale? Well So many could go about it using the same start most all people use when writing about their past. It’s really odd how not to many think of something new besides once upon a time or somewhere far off.” Tolon of all people was a curious fellow ever aspect about him screams teenager but he is anything but what he seems. His favorite catch saying is “appearances can be deceiving” which in his case. It is. Tolon looked about 17, lean for his age silver eyes but what’s a surprised person most is when they find out he’s in the military in the land of Onendarien. They normally ask what a 17 year is doing in the military in this time of era. But what people don’t know it that he’s a wolf, a werewolf, lives long lives stay young appear young can chose how they look when they shift from wolf to human. The only thing they can’t change is the way they look in wolf form. Well for him anyway.
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Beginning plotIn the Kingdom
Beginning plot
In the Kingdom of Onendarien, on a spring night the wind was blowing the sky was cloudy and the faint howling of wolves could be heard over the hills to the southeast. Tolon kept thinking over the kingdoms stories wondering was there a connection? Yes he was in part of the military guild protecting the people an working to keep things working but there was something coming something bad he could feel it. Tolon looked over the horizon he was on duty patrolling the castle wall and it was around midnight. Most guards would complain how it was the most trying of all the watches because they couldn’t see. Well not entirely true for Tolon you see he had night vision. How you might ask? He isn’t human for one. Werewolves an other creatures that are supposedly myth are actually true An Tolon is one of those so called mythical creatures that aren’t supposed to exist. Well nether is magic and yet theirs mages aren’t their? The city at this at this time of n
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Nightly scare
 ^^ The Nights Fright ^^
What would be knocking on your door in the middle of the night?
Around midnight when everyone's away?
When you hear the dogs outside barking like mad?
You wonder who it is but you hear something that sends a chill down your spine.
The scratch of claws along the hardwood door?
Or the heavy breathing coming from beyond?
Are you just hearing things?
Or is death knocking on your door?
The sound of a door being gripped off it's hinges.
The scream of a girl in freight.
The growl of something terribly pissed.
With claws and fangs that people rarely miss.
You ignored the warnings he gave you;
You kept pushing an pushing, for more of what he could not give.
As you feel fangs close on your neck.
The last things going though your mind;
I once loved him, what's gonna happen to me?
The night goes black and your body cold.
You wake up in your bed chilled to the bone.
That day you see him again;
Something about his eyes reminds you of the dream.
Of the time you won't ever for
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Small tidings
"But why Why should I?"
"Why you know why Your a teenager a werewolf at that an alpha bound to be again an alpha where things are going just cause the one girl you loved left and you don't fully see why doesn't change the way your life's going."
RJ stood at the window his back at Paul. Paul was the alpha of the small pack RJ was staying with. RJ of course people would hopefully know since he's been their for so long is also an alpha one with strange talents and a bit different perspective and acted a bit differently from other werewolves. Why he doesn't know he's reincarnated 16 in human years an over 2 thousand in wolf.
"Why do I have to go?" RJ asked still looking out the window
"They requested you to come they know you still don't have your sight or true strength back yet. They know and understand that you dislike being pulled in when your like this and they also understand that in a few years you should get them back" Paul said arms crossed.
RJ sighed and looked around at Paul.
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Along the lines of RJ's long an trying life as a wolf that's moving to seeing again. Alpha of a pack can't see his form or others, reincarnation. Another tale of his life.
RJ walked alone through the dense forest, ears pulling back as noise from behind reach him. He turns to spy the follower, kopa a longtime friend of his. Since he couldn't see, he had someone always follow him to make sure he didn't get hurt or stumble upon other wolves that might see him as human. RJ initials for Robert and his last name, turned and started forward again, kopa tailing behind not making a sound. He went on walks regularly it calmed and relaxed him.
To people that know RJ they'd say nice lad, kind to others didn't raise his voice very much, some would even go forth with shy. RJ's a wolf of course but he misses what he once had. When people would challenge him, annoy or any other means to get under his skin just to see if he'd react to see if it was true, most humans wouldn't cause RJ ignores
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full moon night
In the woods far in California lived a normal teenager by the looks of him but as everyone says at one point in their life they have a secret. Some secrets are more dangerous than others.
Friday night came the full moon weekend and to top it off it was a labor day weekend longer by one day. RJ thought to himself as he sat on the bed, ever since he left home to get here his sights been improving he's been feeling more of himself. The truth is RJ wasn't a human he was a wolf. A werewolf to be exact, teenager living with friends a pack he talked to online, they invited him and his mate to help. They couldn't live with humans forever the reason was the effect it was having on them. Reincarnations that were slowly losing the wolf in them cause they were surrounded by humans all the time they weren't able to hunt all that much they were changing to the human only lifestyle. To make matters worse they were alpha's of a pack. They both cared about the pack they both had family that were wolves
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